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Hydrex® Agriculture

It is with the farming community that Hydrex® has its roots. Over the last 50 years our product range to the farming community has grown considerably. We supply water storage, irrigation and farming solutions to commercial farmers across the African continent. Together with our specialist team of Agricultural consultants we can package the best farming solution based on your geographic conditions and market trends.

Water storage solutions.

Hydrex offers a wide range of water storage solutions tailor made for farmers. Water sources typically cater for bore hole and river pumps, while the water is generally stored in high volume reservoirs or lined earth dams.

Hydrex has storage and pumping solutions covering all Agricultural aspects.

Irrigation Solutions.

Hydrex has irrigation solutions for farming and includes supplying irrigation products such as entire pivot sprinkler systems; spray, impact and sprinkler rotors; sprinkler valves; drip irrigation, water filtration systems; booster pumps and borehole solutions.

Agriculture Consulting.

We offer consulting services to small, medium and large agriculture enterprises. Our team consists of qualified agronomists offering many years of experience and knowledge. Please do not hesitate to contact our consulting division for further information and advice.

Pump stations and pipe work.

Pump stations, pipe work and related accessories are an integral part of the solution that we offer to the farming community. Please view or pumps and pipe work data sheet for further information.

Grain Silos.

Grain silos for the bulk storage of crops. These are available in the mesh format and the higher volume panel format. Fitted with roofs, access hatches and blowers, the Hydrex® grain silo is an ideal solution for independent grain storage. Please view our grain silo data sheets for further information.

Contact our sales support team for additional information and pricing regarding these and other products.

Green houses and tunnels.

Design, supply and installation of seedling facilities and rootstock nurseries.

Contact our sales support team for additional information and pricing regarding these and other products.

Your Hydrex® Sales Team

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