Hydrex - Mesh Silo Umbrella Roof
Hydrex – Mesh Silo Umbrella Roof
Hydrex - Mesh Silo correct U bolt connection
Hydrex – Mesh Silo correct U bolt connection
Hydrex - Mesh silo roof installation
Hydrex – Mesh silo roof installation
Hydrex - Installed Mesh Silo
Hydrex – Installed Mesh Silo


Hydrex® Grain Silo – Mesh

The mesh grain silo is typically made up of three main components: the silo shell, the silo liner and the roof.

Hydrex® Grain Silo Shell – Mesh Type

The mesh shell is galvanised and comes in a roll format that is easily transported. The top and bottom of the mesh is fitted with an extruded plastic guard that protects the grain silo liner from the potentially sharp edging of the mesh. An additional guard is placed over the liner when the silo is assembled. It is possible to move the mesh silo from time to time. The mesh shell also offers the lowest cost of storage and is widely used in rapid deployment situations and by farmers that need to move the storage location from year to year.

Hydrex® Grain Silo Lining – Mesh Type

The grain silo lining is manufactured using a 700 micron non-toxic, food-grade tarpaulin fabric. Each lining is fitted with a 70cm x 70cm grain discharge frame and has a wide hem, allowing tensioning of the liner. The liner is also UV-stabilised for African conditions.

Hydrex® Grain Silo Roof – Mesh Type

Each grain silo comes standard with a 500 micron tarpaulin roof that rests on a galvanised structure consisting of a centre support and sectional supporting arms. The roof is easily erected and provides the harvest with sufficient weather and sun protection.

Each roof has two loading / discharge covers that are 70 x 70cm in size.


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