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Hydrex® Mining.

Hydrex® products are used widely in mining operations. Process water storage solutions, pipe work, pump stations, filtration, structural steel work, water towers and pollution control dams.

Hydrex® Mining Process Water.

Our reservoir range makes Hydrex® your ideal partner for the storage of  mining process water. We cater for:

  • High sedimentation
  • Sedimentation cleaning systems
  • High flow rates
  • Customised pipe work and flanges
  • Pumps
  • Pipe work
  • Structural steel requirements

Our reservoirs range will cater for all your mining water storage and processing requirements. Please view our various reservoir and structural steel work data sheets for further information.

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Hydrex® Mining Water Filtration.

The Hydrex water treatment team offers a broad range of process water treatment solutions. We have the expertise and ability to offer the mining industry treatment solutions that cater to a wide range of water mining processes. Please feel free to contact us with mine water process flow requirements.

Click here for more information on cross flow filtration.

Hydrex® Mining Liners For Chemicals and Spill Containment Dams.

We supply a wide range of containment liners suitable for the storage of various types of liquids. Our speciality fabrics allow for the lining of existing structures that can then be used for alternative applications. Hydrex® offers a wide range of flange kits that can be used in conjunction with the reservoirs for the connection of all your pipe work. Earth dams are particularly suitable for spill containment and the storage of contaminated mining water. This water can then be treated for discharge back into the environment or for re use in mining operations. Please view or earth dam data sheet for further information.

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Hydrex® Mining Water Towers.

Elevated pressed steel tanks including foundation design and installation. Associated pipe lines and pump stations designed to clients requirements. We can also design and fabricate your customized structural steel requirements. Please view our tank stand and pressed steel tank data sheet for further information.

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Hydrex® Mining Pump stations and customised pipe work.

Pump stations, pipe work and related accessories are an integral part of the solution that we offer industrial clients. Please view our pumps and pipe work data sheet for further information.

Contact our sales support team for additional information and pricing regarding these and other products.

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