Process water tank used for mining
3.00m Panel Reservoir, mining application
High flow rate process water tank
3.00m Panel Reservoir, mining application | 3 meter panel reservoir | High Flow Rate Diffuser | Process water mining operations
Sewage treatment plant
3.00m Panel Reservoir together with interconnecting pipe work
Sewage treatment reservoir
3.00m Panel Reservoir used in sewage treatment plant

Hydrex® Panel Reservoir 3.00 meter frame height

Hydrex®  panel reservoirs offer long-term water storage solutions. The panel reservoir is constructed using steel bolt-together type frames that are cladded with galvanised sheets. Panel reservoirs have the highest structural weight ratio when compared to other reservoirs, thus giving the reservoir the rigidity to be either free standing or to be fitted with a trussed and cladded tarpaulin or metal roof.  These reservoir are generally only fitted with 750 and 1000 Microns PVC linbers or 1.5mm HDPE membranes, which give them exceptional durability. We also provide chemically resistant speciality liners for the storage of abrasive liquids and certain petro chemicals. These reservoirs are available in various heights and configurations with storage capacities ranging from 9600 litres through to 2 Million litres. The 3.00 meter panel reservoir range is used for high volume water storage, often associated with high flow rates.

Hydrex® Panel Reservoirs have the following applications

Hydrex®  panel reservoirs have a 40 year track record in the following industries:

  • Agriculture
  • Defence and Peace Keeping operations, NGO’s
  • Forestry
  • Hospitality Industry
  • Hydroponics
  • Industrial
  • Mining / Resources
  • Municipal Bulk Storage


Hydrex® Panel Reservoir Installations.

A Hydrex®  panel reservoir typically has a life span of 15 through to 25 years. This predominantly depends on the installation, location and type of water / liquid being stored. Use of our Africa wide installation teams is the preferred method of installation. Should this however not be feasible, we have detailed installation instructions and client support. Our recently adopted installation certification process ensures that all our self install clients have the ability to verify and certify their installations, thus ensuring maximum life span from our products. A simple maintenance routine in conjunction with our product specifications will ensure that you get the most out of your Hydrex panel reservoir.


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4.7858 30010 x 21 3464.10832.00
5.7477 60012 x 21 6265.00833.00
6.68105 10014 x 21 9085.80834.00
7.64137 50016 x 22 1966.60835.00
8.60174 30018 x 22 4887.40836.00
9.54214 50020 x 22 7808.20837.00
10.50259 80022 x 23 0809.00838.00
11.46309 50024 x 23 3829.90839.00
13.36420 70028 x 23 99611.50840.00
15.28550 30032 x 24 62713.10841.00
17.18695 70036 x 25 26814.80842.00
19.10859 80040 x 25 92616.40843.00
21.001 039 50044 x 26 59818.00844.00
22.911 237 00048 x 27 19819.64845.00
24.821 452 00052 x 27 79821.27846.00