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With high storage costs and the ever escalating cost of transport, farmers have an increasing need to store their harvest on site. Furthermore, a more volatile grain market requires successful farmers to maximise their yield by selling their produce at the correct time and this is normally not when the grain is harvested! Using a cost effective Hydrex®grain silo, the farmer has the ability to maximise his harvest return.

Hydrex® offers a range of grain silos catering from 5 cubic meters through to 650 cubic meters which are commonly used for the storage of maize, sunflower, wheat and sorgum. Hydrex® grain silos are ideal for refugee camps where food supplies have to be stored at short notice. Disaster relief agencies can install storage facilities within hours and at a very low cost.

The grain silo is typically made up of three main components: the silo shell, the silo liner and the roof.

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