Earth dam construction
Civil works, earth dam construction Hydrex Earth dam excavation and civil works
Earth dam liners
Lining of dam and welding of HDPE material
Lined pollution control dam
HDPE lines pollution control dam
Cleaning of lined dams
Removal of coal fines in pollution control dam

Geomembrane Solutions including : Pollution Control Dams / Sewage Ponds / Agricultural Water Storage Dams / Land Fill Linings / Customised Applications.

  • Dam design.
  • Civil works, including canals and silt traps.
  • We offer various liner types and thicknesses based on clients requirements. These include both HDPE, LDPE, Supported & Unsupported PVC membranes ranging in thickness from 600 Microns through to 2 mm.
  • Dam cleaning solutions.
  • Pumps, filtration & pipe work requirements.
  • Cattle access drinking solutions.
  • Turnkey dam design and implementation solutions.

Earth dam design and excavation, suitable for pollution control, landfills, wetlands and water storage. Storage of larger volumes contaminated water that needs to be processed. Industry segments include mining, industrial waste, waste water management and treatment.

The attached download links below include the Hydrex Earth Dam overview together with tips and hints on the construction of your own earth dam:

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