S Tank backup water supply
Backup water supply and pipe work
Plate tank fire water storage

Hydrex® has a variety of tanks that are used for the storage of water for fire fighting applications. These tanks range from portable S and Quick tanks through to the higher volume storage reservoirs.


Hydrex® Self Supporting Tanks “S Tanks” and Quick Tanks

Hydrex® self supporting tanks and quick tanks are made from a high quality food grade PVC coated tarpaulin material. These tanks require no support structures, making them deployable at very short notice. The S tank is available in various sizes ranging from 5000 Litres through to 40 000 Litres, and merely requires a level piece of ground to be used effectively. Used mainly for emergency water storage, the S Tank is used in fire fighting, famine relief and other rapid deployment applications. The quick tank has an inter-locking metal frame. This offers extra rigidity in the tank design.

Click on the link below to view our product specification sheet on our various shapes and sizes.


Hydrex S Tank Brochure


Hydrex S Tank Plinth

Hydrex steel plate tanks and panel tanks / reservoirs are suitable for both residential and industrial fire water storage applications. We offer complete fire suppression systems for new buildings including pump and pipe work. These systems are in use by large or medium business, factories or shopping centres .

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