HDPE liner fitted to existing structures HDPE water retention liner Panel reservoir Farm dam liners Hydrex – Reservoir at ground level fitted with PVC liner Dam liners Hydrex – Reservoir being fitted with heavy duty liner Water containment membranes Hydrex reservoir liner installation
  • Supply of replacement liners for use in existing structures.
    • Re Lining of Concrete reservoirs – Reservoir liners
    • Re Lining of Corrugated reservoirs – Corrugated liners
    • Re Lining of Mesh reservoirs – Mesh liners
    • Re Lining of Panel reservoirs – Panel liners
    • Re Lining of Tanks – Tank liners
    • Re Lining of Earth Dam structures – Earthdam liners

Hydrex® supplies a wide range of water containment membranes that are suitable for the re lining of almost any existing structure or container. This is an affordable alternative where existing structures lend themselves to being re lined.

  • PVC Liners
  • Damtarp Liners
  • HDPE Liners
  • Vinyl Liners

Our linings can be customised to any size and are made to fit various shapes and sizes. We regularly make linings for corrugated tanks and reservoirs, replacement liners for all types of mesh and panel reservoirs, including traditional brick & cement reservoirs. The only requirement is that the existing structure must be strong enough to contain the pressure of the water.

Our lining materials vary depending on the application and the clients requirements. PVC liners, Supported PVC (Tarpaulin) and LDPE liners are our preferred choice of lining material for standard water based application. Please contact us for your chemical storage requirements.

Click on one of the support documents below for tips, information and hints on how to line your existing leaking structure.


Vinyl Repair Hints

Restoring Leaking Reservoir

Hydrex Lining Methods Brochure

Hydrex Material Comparison

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