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Hydrex® Steel Plate Tanks | Zinc Tanks | Reservoirs

  • Design of Zinc coated bolted steel plate tanks for different liquid types and applications.
  • Manufacture of tanks and related pipe work.
  • Civil works for foundations, bunds and plinths
  • Delivery and logistics management for client.
  • Installation of tanks, pumps, pipe work and related products.
  • Commissioning
  • Hand over to client.

Hydrex® Tank design process

At Hydrex®  we are able to design a steel tank / reservoir to meet your exact processing needs. Our standard design caters for water storage and is commonly used to meet ASIB fire water storage regulations. Process water, thickener plants for mines, sewage treatment and bio gas applications have different requirements from a structural and steel coating aspect.

Hydrex® Manufacturing

At Hydrex® our steel fabrication section produces the tank. The tank build process consists of cutting, rolling, welding and fabrication work.

Hydrex® Civil works and site preparation

Our civil’s team does the site clearing, preparation, foundations and concrete work. We have various teams that work throughout Africa. Work is often undertaken in conjunction with the client and local resources in order to reduce costs and increase local content.

Hydrex® Delivery and site logistics

These include all aspects of getting materials to site, accounting for them and getting the goods ready for use in the installation.

Hydrex® Installation, Commissioning

The installation process covers all aspects of the installation itself on the prepared foundations. The products are installed up to the defined battery limits, commissioned and handed over to the client.



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