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Hydrex® offers a wide range of below and above ground vinyl lined swimming pools. These pools are either round mesh based structures or modular panels. Hydrex®swimming pools come in various shapes and sizes, are easily transported and are available in Kit form.

Hydrex® Mesh Swimming Pools

The mesh based vinyl lined swimming pool is a popular cost effective swimming pool. Sizes range from 1.5m diam. to 9.0 meter diam. They are easily transported and have minimal installation costs. Mesh swimming pools can be moved, or even drained at the end of the swimming season. It is also possible to partly sink the mesh swimming pool into the ground making easy access. The lining supplied with the mesh swimming pool is a durable blue 600 micron PVC liner, while the mesh is galvanised. The pool comes standard with an outlet and sun guard.

Hydrex® Panel Swimming Pools

The Hydrex® panel based vinyl lined pool is available in various configurations, shapes and sizes. The panel pool is a modular pool that competes with traditional cement or fibre glass based swimming pools. Available shapes include round, rectangular, bolero and kidney shapes. The panels consist of a tubular frame covered by a sturdy galvanised sheet. The frames are then bolted together providing a rigid structure for a blue 750 Micron PVC liner.

Hydrex® Swimming Pool Accessories

Hydrex® supplies a full range of pool accessories including pumps, filters, brushes, replacement liners, test kits and chemicals at competitive prices.

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